Client Testimonials

Here’s what your colleagues are saying about KDSgreen 


“I love her.
I loved her transparency and honesty.
I loved her energy and passion for the space.
I loved her B to B brand experience.
I would like to get her here ASAP to meet face to face.”

Lauren G. (Chief Marketing Officer)



“I have found KDSgreen to be best-in-class for recruiting for C-suite and quite frankly all roles I have sent their way. They have consistently delivered top talent as promised and are a pleasure to worth with. I’d confidently go so far as to say there is no firm close in recruiting for cannabis.”

Andrew S. (Chief Operating Officer)



5 Questions with Carol P. – SVP Human Resources

What needs/problems were you looking to solve when you engaged KDSgreen? “The growth we are experiencing is incredible. We understand the importance of hiring top talent, not just applicants who come through our door. For us to truly succeed, we need exceptional people. It made the decision easy to partner with an external recruitment firm.”

What led you to choose KDSgreen as your exclusive recruitment partner? “You came highly recommended. And once we got on the phone and discussed our needs, it became apparent that your team understood the Cannabis industry as well as the finer points of what we were looking for. In fact, as we described what we need for a specific role, your team was able to add several critical points that we had not even thought of.”

How has KDSgreen helped you and your company? “More than I can say. I have worked with many recruiting firms throughout my career. The difference here is that the candidates we receive are extremely well screened, and possess the exact skills and experience we require. We don’t have to alter our job requirements to accommodate the candidates we receive. Also, we traditionally receive 5-15 highly accurate candidates and interview more than 75% of them – which saves us an incredible amount of time and energy and speeds up our time to hire.”

What would you tell a close friend/colleague about us? “I would say that if you are in the cannabis industry and you need to grow, KDSgreen is a true partner that understands the nuances of this industry. Working with them will save you time and money. Time – because they are fast and accurate. Money – because we are receiving a high-quality level of candidates, significantly reducing the chance of a mis-hire. This is a huge benefit for us.”



“I had the opportunity to work with KDS at a time when my firm needed to quickly fill a number of important positions with highly technical resources. KDS’s approach was simply better than any other staffing firm we had engaged. Beyond establishing the technical requirements of the roles we had open, KDS sought to understand our corporate culture, and what characteristics made for successful hires and happy employees for the long term.

Using their approach, and working with them to fine tune it based upon feedback from candidates KDS referred to us, they produced a consistent and steady stream of top quality candidates, all of which were suitable for hire. We quickly went from having too many positions to fill, to having too many good candidates and not enough positions to put them all into, which was a great “problem” to have! The candidates referred to us by KDS have gone on to become key contributors, and in some cases managers within the firm.”

Dylan O. (Chief Technology Officer)



“I have worked with KDS to staff several positions in various markets around the country and have been very pleased with their ability to find very qualified individuals that were not only technically proficient, but that matched our organization and culture. KDS takes the time to understand both the skill set required and the role within the larger team to find and present the best candidates. I would highly recommend the KDS team.”

Sam B. (Executive Director)



“We have been working with KDS with great success. The principals pay great attention to details including their how they service their clients. The professionals at KDS are constantly refining the interaction on a given search, which they understand can be unique compared to previous or similar searches. Their investment in determining the cultural, workplace and technical situation demonstrates their understanding of the overall requirements of recruiting.

This client-centric approach translates into two critical business results:

  1. Greater success rate in identifying a small but completely qualified set of candidates
  2. Reduced time and effort expended to interview, select and hire the right candidate

In addition, my business relationship with their CEO David Klein extends beyond his founding of KDS. While running another company, I worked with David to hire candidates that my internal recruiting team was unable to fulfill on a timely basis. His efforts helped us grow the business by overcoming constraints with our internal organization.”

Jeff W. (Chief Executive Officer)



“In regards to our most recent KDS hire, I must share that he is a very positive presence to be around. His enthusiastic energy and intelligence is a truly great addition and fit with our team. I remember when we originally spoke about how important a “cultural fit” was for the right candidate – in addition to the right skills and experience – and in him we have it all.”

Lauren K. (Chief Executive Officer)