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Product Development Leader

Current Title: Chief Product Officer


Current Location: Denver, CO
Commuting Radius: Open
Relocation: Open to relocation

Ranking Q&A:

  1. Strong experience leading/managing the entire new product launch process? Designed and coordinated successive phases of problem analysis, solution proposals, strategy, and testing for 30+ successful project rollouts in multiple states. Developed innovative technology used to train 75+ staff members after implementation, continuously providing learning and development strategies and solution.
  2. Experience in CPG or Cannabis?
    10 years of extensive cannabis production experience, cultivation through distribution. Flower, concentrates, vapes, edibles, topicals, along with all technologies associated, and all stages of development.
  3. Have you led/owned the new product development process from beginning to launch? And led these internal meetings?
    Yes, led meetings related to formulation/production/implementation. Design and other aspects ran by CEO/Team.
  4. Have you led Project Management? (New product development and execution)
    Yes in partnership with COO/CEO.
  5. What percent of your last two roles involved creating and managing process?
  6. Strong experience in the commercialization of a new product to launch? (Leading cross-functionally from concept to launch?)
    Yes, 6 years with multiple companies as both an employee and consultant.
  7. Please list some of the products you have launched.
    Gummies, 30+ SKUs with multiple formulations/potencies in 3 US states and Canada.
    Proprietary strains of cannabis/concentrates
    All glass disposable carts
    CBD topicals and drinks
  8. How attuned are you to spotting what is trending in our culture/selling in the market?
    I’m 100% a consumer first. It drives everything behind what I put into my work because I’m a part of the consumer community. I’m always looking to identify gaps in the marketplace from a consumer perspective.
  9. Explain the last time you have been responsible for rallying the company around a new initiative and driving execution?
    Jan – July of this year I implemented new SKUs and a complete production overhaul of a company in Denver CO working on-site overseeing production and distribution.
  10. Strong understanding of merchandising planning, product planning and supply chain?  Yes

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Gregg Feldman 
Vice President