When employees feel valued, their productivity rises, absenteeism drops and long-term retention spikes – especially in the modern cannabis industry.  As our clients have found, ROI from these nominal changes is far-reaching and profound.

The days of an employee’s paycheck equaling their total “reward” for doing their job are long gone.

Today’s workforce wants to be seen as individuals with their own lives, interests, families and even challenges. They come to work wanting to do a good job. They also seek validation that their contributions bring value to the organization.

How well you take care of your employees determines how well they’ll take care of your business. When they know how much you appreciate their work, your employees will meet and often exceed your expectations.

The results are very clear.  Those of our clients who focus on making sure their employees understand their value and feel appreciated consistently report the lowest cost per hire/highest employee retention.

MYTH:  “If Management shows compassion and empathy, employees will take advantage – reducing productivity and attendance.”

REALITY:  Clients report substantially greater employee morale, dedication and pride in their work when the company “shows they care.”

They’ve seen that the level of employee dedication is directly correlated with management’s demonstrated appreciation of their employees.

Here are eight easy, no/low cost steps you can implement today:

1.  Create personal rapport.  Simply asking employees about their weekend or upcoming holiday plans etc. goes farther than you can imagine

2.  Listen with intent/sincerity.  Ask further questions based on their responses

3.  Handwritten notes.   At thank you for going above and beyond, encouragement during a challenge, condolences for a personal loss etc.

4.  Identify career paths.  Clearly communicate the company’s opportunities for  career advancement, internal training/professional development as well as any tuition reimbursement programs

5.  Public acknowledgment.  Work anniversaries,  achievement of individual, departmental or company goals, personal milestones (weddings, births, adoptions, graduations, degrees/certifications earned)

6.  Employee/family events.  Invite employees, significant others/families to picnics, pot lucks, parties, softball games, on or offsite

7.  A livable work environment. Bonuses and gifts are always appreciated, but a comfortable, functional work environment and culture on a daily basis go much further (i.e. good lighting, seating, coffee/tea service, snacks, flexible scheduling, etc.)

8.  Workplace wellness:  Yoga, nap zones, healthy lunches, or snacks all contribute to healthier, happier employees

The benefits of valuing employees cannot be underestimated. Apathy is expensive. Attrition is even more so.  Harvard Business Review reports that companies are projected to spend more than $1.5 billion on employee engagement. However, half of these companies will not increase their employee’s level of commitment because their “solutions” are solely focused or centers around the work experience and not on the employees themselves.

Which is why the single most effective way to meaningfully engage employees is to create a culture of caring and value.

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