Why KDSgreen

The Modern Agriculture/Cannabis Industries are exploding across the globe, and KDSgreen has been an integral part of its growth every step of the way. Since 2016, we’ve taken a lead role with industry pioneers and visionaries, providing the specific talent they need from within and outside of the industry to help them build, expand and mainstream their organizations.

With an intimate understanding of the breadth of unique roles and opportunities these industries present, KDSgreen continuously invests in our research, data and team to provide the most effective recruitment techniques for this unique and continually evolving industry.

Why Industry Leaders Choose, Retain and Refer KDSgreen

Because Professional Results REQUIRE Seasoned Recruitment Professionals.

Most recruitment firms rely on Junior staff to perform the most of the functions critical to the quality and success of your search. KDS’ team is comprised entirely of seasoned Senior Recruitment Professionals with comprehensive experience executing successful searches from start to finish – resulting in the delivery of highly accurate, high caliber candidates in less time.

Because Fewer Searches EQUAL Greater Accuracy and Higher Quality.

Unlike most firms, KDS limits each recruiter to a maximum of 4 search engagements. Devoting more time to fewer searches enables KDS to be more thorough, more precise, and more responsive on every search – resulting in the delivery of highly accurate, high caliber candidates in less time.

Because We Prioritize Search Integrity Above All Else.

In order for a candidate to be designated “KDS Qualified” for submission to our Client, they must:

– Meet at least 90% of the hard and soft skills required by our client

– Already align with the salary range our client has specified

– Be motivated to change by factors other than compensation – to ensure not only the right initial placement, but the right long term placement

Because We Deliver Unparalleled Results.

– 98%: KDS first-time clients that become repeat clients in the first year

– 90%: KDS placed candidates that were employed and not looking at job postings

– 5-10: Average days to deliver a slate of KDS-qualified candidates

– 18: Average days to submit the hired candidate

– 4 to 1: Average ratio of candidate submission to candidate offer

– 75%: Candidates placed four years ago who are still with our clients – 50% of whom have been promoted

Three Recruitment Programs to Meet Your Specific Needs

Retained Search is a confidential and dedicated approach, which guarantees results. Retained Search requires an up-front deposit, which binds KDSgreen to finding the ideal candidate. Retained Search positions are always a top priority with ensured success, making it a viable option for clients, with no downside.

This model means that only KDSgreen will supply candidates for the open requirement; the search is not farmed out to multiple agencies. This search enables KDSgreen to dedicate significant resources and the time required to quickly produce the ideal candidate. There is a common misconception that having multiple recruiting agencies working on an assignment is in the company’s best interest, but this most often actually works against their goals.
Hiring independent contractors is an effective, highly flexible alternative to full-time staffing. Contractors provide immediate results, specialized skills, reduced liability and flexibility. Contract staffing often evolves into a “try-and-buy” situation, where clients, after having worked with the consultant for a period of time, develop a comfort level and conclude they would make an ideal permanent addition to the company. Contractors remain on the KDSgreen payroll until converting to a permanent role or the contract expires.

KDSgreen – A KDS Strategic Search Company

KDSgreen’s parent company, KDS Strategic Search, is a premier permanent and contract recruiting firm. Connecting world-class employers with exceptional talent in their respective industries, KDS is focused on providing clients with the highest level of customized service, while helping employees and candidates achieve successful and satisfying careers. KDS is headquartered in Westwood, NJ and serves both businesses and candidates across the U.S. and Canada.